Yaddo Presents: Tim Weiner

In partnership with Northshire Bookstore, we are delighted to host an evening with the National Book Award- and Pulitzer Prize- winning author Tim Weiner in celebration of his new book, The Folly and The Glory: America, Russia, and Political Warfare, 1945-2020. Weiner will be in conversation with bestselling historian Garrett M. Graff.  The Folly and the Glory is an urgent and gripping account of the 75-year battle between the U.S. and Russia that led to the election and impeachment of an American president.

With vivid storytelling and riveting insider accounts, Weiner traces the roots of political warfare – the conflict America and Russia have waged with espionage, sabotage, diplomacy and disinformation – from 1945 until 2020. Weiner takes us behind closed doors, illuminating Russian and American intelligence operations and their consequences. To get to the heart of what is at stake and find potential solutions, he examines long-running 20th century CIA operations, the global political machinations of the Soviet KGB around the world, the erosion of American political warfare after the Cold War, and how 21st century Russia has kept the cold war alive.