Yaddo Presents: An Evening with Joseph Caldwell

In concert with Northshire Bookstore, Yaddo Presents: An Evening with Joseph Caldwell, author of the new memoir In The Shadow of the Bridge, a charming, candid account of his Milwaukee childhood, subsequent escape to bohemian-era New York City, and his obsessive relationship with a fellow artist.

Joseph Caldwell is an acclaimed playwright and novelist whose previous books include Such Dark Places, The Deer at the River, Under the Dog Star, The Uncle from Rome and Bread for the Baker’s Child as well as The Pig Trilogy (The Pig Did It, The Pig Comes to Dinner and The Pig Goes to Hog Heaven). Among other accolades, he received the Rome Prize in Literature.

He has been an adored presence in the Yaddo community for decades, and we’re delighted to welcome him back to Saratoga Springs for the launch of his latest book — In the Shadow of the Bridge, hailed by Kirkus Reviews as “a simultaneously tragic and uplifting story of enduring love.