Yaddo Presents: An Evening with Helen Benedict & Eyad Awwadawnan

In concert with Northshire Bookstore, we are delighted to present co-authors Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan in conversation about their new book, Map of Hope and Sorrow: Stories of Refugees Trapped in Greece, a moving celebration of “human resilience and the capacity for hope, serving as a powerful call for tolerance” (The Guardian).

Helen Benedict is a recipient of the 2021 PEN Jean Stein Grant for Literary Oral History and the Ida B. Wells Award for Bravery in Journalism. She is the author of 13 books, including the award-winning The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq, and the novel Wolf Season. Her writing inspired both a class action suit against the Pentagon on behalf of people sexually assaulted in the military and the 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary, The Invisible War. She is a Professor of Journalism at Columbia University, New York.

Eyad Awwadawnan, formerly a law student from Damascus, Syria, is a writer and poet currently living as an asylum-seeker in Reykjavik, Iceland. During his four years in Greece, he worked as a cultural mediator, translator and interpreter for various non-governmental organizations.

This is a free, public event, and will be held in-person at Northshire Bookstore Saratoga. Map of Hope and Sorrow is available for pre-purchase.