Yaddo Launches a New Podcast!

August 25, 2020

Broadcasting hope, resistance, humor and curiosity — Shadow // Yaddo hosted by Elaina Richardson is coming soon!

Read. Listen. Tinker. Walk a mile in another’s narrative, with Yaddo artists as your guide.

We’re delighted to announce the release of our new podcast Shadow // Yaddo, hosted by Yaddo President Elaina Richardson. Tune in as we shine a light on the transformative vision of Yaddo’s artists through conversations about art, literature, activism, ecology, inspiration and daily life; plus humor—who knew podcasting was so much fun?

Our first episode aired September 17, and we’ve enlisted a terrific roster of Yaddo artists, including Sheri Fink, Odili Donald Odita, Jonathan Lethem, Victor LaValle, Mary Gaitskill, Kima Jones, Edgar Oliver, Amy Hempel, Joseph Keckler, Rick Moody and others.

Shadow // Yaddo will be available across podcast platforms and on our website. Keep in touch with your Yaddo friends—join the conversation.  More soon!