Shadow Yaddo Podcast

A new podcast with conversations that inspire curiosity, humor, resistance and hope.

S1 E9: Falling Down Is Funny

January 7, 2021

Dancing turtles, family antics, the joy of libraries and more in this week’s episode featuring bestselling humorist David Sedaris in conversation with Patricia Towers, a beloved editor and friend to many writers.

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S1 E8: Merry, Merry!

December 24, 2020

For our very special holiday edition, we share a few of our favorite things: Allan Gurganus reads “A Fool for Christmas,” composer Paul Moravec shares music from his new, Grammy-nominated album, Sanctuary Road. Plus, a dose of Dolly Parton!

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S1 E7: Cocktail Attire

December 10, 2020

We bring the cocktail party to you! Interdisciplinary artists James Hannaham and Mark King discuss quarantine fashion, architecture and more. The remarkable musical duo The Lazours share music, and Rick Moody: Life Coach offers advice for the holidays.

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S1 E6: Reality Dreams

November 26, 2020

The brilliant Amitava Kumar talks with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and novelist Ayad Akhtar, whose new novel is sweeping the “best books of the year” lists. Internationally acclaimed composer Dalit Warshaw shares music and her thoughts on how the Theremin—an electronic instrument invented by a Russian physicist and KGB operative—helped her embrace possibility.

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S1 E5: Back to Basics

November 12, 2020

Mike Doughty on his new band, new book and why he always keeps a guitar in his hands. Glendalys Medina shares a performance and discusses the difficulty of survey shows. Olivia Laing and Joseph Keckler chat about work routines and whether luck has anything to do with making art. Contributing artists: Shayla Lawson, Ghost of Vroom and Nas.

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S1 E4: Home

October 29, 2020

Andrew O’Hagan on his “proudly misspent youth” and his new novel; Gabriel Kahane shares his groundbreaking oratorio on homelessness; and NPR veteran Jacki Lyden reports from the Heartland on our upcoming election.

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S1 E3: Artists on Animals

October 15, 2020

Dogs, cats, and the allure goats: How the global crisis has brought us back to the wild, with Brad Kessler and Mary Gaitskill.

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S1 E2: How to Live

October 1, 2020

Sheri Fink on our global pandemic, Rick Moody: Life Coach answers your burning questions, and Victor LaValle talks heroes for this week’s theme: How to Live.

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S1 E1: Why Yaddo?

September 17, 2020

What exactly is Yaddo and why does it matter? Jonathan Ames raises his hand. Plus: Odili Donald Odita on art and activism, and Jonathan Lethem on his secret to success…

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