Shadow // Yaddo, with Mitch McCabe

Our new podcast, Shadow // Yaddo hosted by Elaina Richardson, broadcasts stories of hope, resistance, humor and curiosity. For Episode 11: Invisible Among Us, we spoke with acclaimed filmmaker Mitch McCabe about her new feature film, Civil War Surveillance Poems. Preview the trailer, and find information about screenings, below.

CIVIL WAR SURVEILLANCE POEMS is a five-part project of experimental and hybrid-form short films contemplating a second American civil war via lyrical nonfiction, mixing call-in radio, twenty years of vérité  footage from the filmmaker’s archive, and robots. Conceptually, the project is made from a specific time and historical vantage point: It’s 2036, and America is in a protracted civil war. Partly nostalgic political travelogue, partly a quest to mine the archive for what went wrong, and part prewar-surveillance records, the project deconstructs and builds to a clashing ideology, culminating in an installation of sound sculpture, four-walled video and artifacts. (14:57, USA)

True/False Film Festival 2020 (Columbia Daily Tribune, 3/6/20)

2019 Sarah Jacobson Film Award

Exhibit in Isaac Julien’s Lessons of the Hour, “New Labour Movements” (McEvoy Foundation for the Arts, Oct. 2020- March 2021)

Winterthür International Shorts Film Festival (Nov. 2020)

Camden International Film Festival (October 2020)

Denver Film Festival (Nov. 2019)

ICDOCS 2019- Best of Festival Award

Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival (Chicago, 2020)

FREEP Film Festival (Detroit Institute of Arts, 2020- 2021)

Camera Obscura  (Nov. 2019)

Rockaway Film Festival (Oct. 2019)

Maysles Documentary Center (June 2019)

Poetics + Politics Symposium: Beyond Story, UC Santa Cruz (April 2019)