Party on! Featuring Mike Doughty

Winter is cold, Winter is dreary. We miss our Yaddo friends. We miss disco, restaurants, hugs, and live performance! So it’s high time to melt the frost off the windows and throw a little party. We invited our Yaddo friend Mike Doughty to bring the warmth of his music to our virtual gathering, now the only thing missing is YOU!

Join us live on Friday, March 5th at 7 pm (EST) for an evening of tunes and stories. Mike will be taking over our Facebook and Instagram to bring a live show straight to you. Prep your favorite snacks, pour a drink, and put on your comfiest pants: this is, Mike Doughty, Wherever You’re Most Comfortable.

Mike Doughty isn’t dead—he’s become a ghost. The veteran singer-songwriter has announced his new band Ghost of Vroom with bassist and longtime collaborator Andrew Scrap” Livingston, releasing their debut Ghost of Vroom 2 EP September 25 on Mod y Vi Records. Possessing a sense of urgency streaked through every one of his lyrics, as well as a dynamic, genre-blending approach to songcraft, the new collection is a formidable introduction to the latest era in the former Soul Coughing frontman’s fascinating career.

Mike Doughty has released 11 albums in the 21st Century alone, including Haughty Melodic and Stellar Motel, in addition to a collection of Poetry and two memoirs. Under the monikers UUL and Dubious Luxury, Doughty explores electro produced tracks and his opera, Revelation, was recently staged in conjunction with WNYC. He has posted well over 150 weekly new songs for his Patreon subscribers over the past few years. And, finally, Doughty enjoys playing in Ghost of Vroom, with multiple releases in the near future.

To immerse yourself in the full Mike Doughty experience we recommend becoming a member of his Patreon.

To listen to Mike’s latest single with Ghost of Vroom →

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